Specs aren’t the only way to become a working screenwriter…

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Specs aren’t the only way to become a working screenwriter….

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Top Five by Trey Taylor

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Top_Five_4With the release of Top Five  actor/comedian/director/screenwriter Chris Rock proved that he is a director who has really studied and learned his craft through practical and sincere means. With this film I believe he has made many ,including one of his main comedy heroes- Woody Allen very proud with the release of Top Five .The film fervently reminded you of a Woody Allen film set in New York. Chris masterfully blended comedy,drama and romance all with the greatest of ease and heartfelt sincerity. All of these elements mixed with some hilarious cameos which made for a truly solid entertaining film that allowed you to journey through an amalgam of emotions. As a film it was shot beautifully, had great performances, script could have been a little better but the story worked as a whole. Chris Rock was a greatly unselfish director who knew when to get out-of-the-way of his cast and let them do their thing.

The film centered around our main character Andre Allen (Rock) who has reached the heights of stardom from being a road comic to playing the ironically hammy character – Hammy the Bear. While Allen is on a national press tour to promote he’s latest film – a serious drama piece about the Haitian Revolution entitled “Uprise” he is interviewed by a New York Times reporter Chelsea Brown( Rosario Dawson). Brown at the surface just want to follow Allen around and observe his day, but by the story’s midpoint we discover who Ms Brown really is on the inside. .Allen also realizes who he is on the inside and that he doesn’t need any substances to help him be the man he could naturally be.

Top Five was a great moment for Chris Rock as an actor and director, the script wasn’t immensely great but what it lacked in script it made up for it in direction. The cameos in this film were hilarious and placed really well in this film and all added to the film but they weren’t the crux of the entire film. The cast shined truly and gave cohesive performances.The music was perfect in this film and so hip hop and it was a wonderful addition adding a nice atmospheric mood the story. I also wanted to thank the film’s music director (who believe was Ahmir ” Questlove” Thompson) for the elevator musak version of Biggie’s “Juicy” as a hip hop head that truly warmed my heart..lol. It was also great hearing everyone’s Top Five greatest MC Lists,everyone’s list showed you some insight into that character’s personality.

Chris Rock has literally given us a throwback to those classic comedy films of Eddie Murphy and Woody Allen that gave you the laughs but still gave you heart too. Top Five was a wonderful painting that Chris Rock painted by using the paint of comedy, drama, romance and sincerity. I truly hope we get more films like this from Chris Rock, he meshed all the artistic elements of this film perfectly. He proved that practice makes perfect and that collaboration in film is the true essence of filmmaking.


3 out of 5 copper bones

Stuart Beattie’s 5 Page Outline

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Stuart Beattie’s 5 Page Outline.

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Film Reading Group 2014

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Film Reading Group 2014.

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Listen to Director John Sturges’ ‘Better Than Film School’ Commentary

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Archiviokubrick – Stanley Kubrick database

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“The screen is a magic medium.” Stanley Kubrick

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The screen is a magic medium. It has such power that it can retain interest as it conveys emotions and moods that no other art form can hope to tackle.” –Stanley Kubrick.